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Greetings from Naomi Colberg, Deubrook Elementary School Counselor


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Welcome to Mrs. Colberg’s Guidance Page!

Greetings!  Meeting new students and seeing former students has already made the 2011-2012 school year great!  Working with the students, faculty, parents, and the Deubrook community at large is wonderful, and I’m excited to discover what the 2011-2012 school year will bring!    Here is some information about my job at Deubrook:

o   The Counselor’s Role. 

Sometimes, understanding the counselor’s role proves confusing.  So, I’d like you to know how I serve the school and the students.  First of all, classes K-6 receive weekly guidance times.  Each month, we address a different theme that allows students to learn more about life skills.  I conduct classroom discussions that emphasize various topics; for example, we’ve talked about academic success, relationships, self-esteem, and how to become helpful citizens.   Students learn through group activities, sharing ideas, and examining how individual actions make a difference.  Please look for what we’re discussing each month in my newsletter.


In addition, I am here to discuss students’ needs—of any kind.  Please remember that while I’m here to help students have a better educational experience, I also love to share in their lives, interests, and achievements.  Students can speak with me, in confidence, about anything that is important to them.  Likewise, I welcome contact with parents should you wish to learn more about your children or to request assistance of any kind. 


I am here for all of you!



Naomi J. Colberg, MS

Professional School Counselor

Deubrook Elementary School

695 Palisades Avenue

Toronto, SD  57268

(605) 794-1153 x205